Business Model

ISARIA Wohnbau AG is one of the leading project developers for residential real estate in the greater Munich metropolitan region. The company's operating activities cover all project development stages, ranging from the acquisition, through to the development and construction, and finally the sale, of high-quality residential properties.

The business activities of the ISARIA Wohnbau group are divided into the business areas of new residential real estate construction and the privatisation of apartments. The latter includes also converting former commercial properties to turn them into residential properties under the brand “APP.ARTMENTS” created for this purpose.

  • Construction of new residential real estate: In the new residential real estate construction business area, which represents around 75% to 80% of the group's total operating revenue, the company plans, develops and constructs high-quality residential properties in the greater Munich metropolitan area. In its core business activity, the company's spectrum of services covers the acquisition and purchase of land, the subsequent planning, development and construction of new buildings, and finally the partitioning of properties according to the Condominium Act, as well as the subsequent sale of apartments and houses to private and institutional buyers.
  • Revitalization: In its revitalization business area, which the company has operated since 2008, ISARIA Wohnbau's spectrum of services covers the acquisition and purchase of an existing property, the subsequent planning and implementation of modernisation measures, and finally the sale of apartments to private and institutional buyers.

The company's business model is oriented towards the sale of all apartments and houses that it has constructed. ISARIA Wohnbau does not aim to rent or hold apartments or houses within a portfolio. With its project companies, the company operates exclusively in the high-growth greater metropolitan region of Munich.

The business activities of One Group GmbH and its subsidiaries, which were acquired as of 31 December 2013, mostly comprise the development, structuring and issuing of project development funds for residential construction projects in Germany. In ISARIA Wohnbau’s location in Munich, these funds invest exclusively in the company’s projects.